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Related article: Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 22:56:21 +0200 From: fleetwood Subject: african farm 3 (interacail)Daniel was intrigued by Simon and John's exhibition at the river and as he made his way back towards the farm buildings he was puzzled by what had overheard the big black men say about the white kid. From what he could fathom out the white kid had licked their big black cocks. As Daniel's minds eye pictured the little white boy licking Simon's huge black cock and wanking it, his responded by thickening and lengthening down his leg. Daniel squeezed and fondled it as he walked, he was well endowed with an 11" cock that was almost as thick as Simon's cock and it made many women flatly refuse him sex because of the mere size of it, and those made did couldn't take all of it so he seldom had his cock buried to the hilt and when he did the woman was usually so loose he hardly felt her and almost all flatly refused to suck it and if they did, their teeth got in the way and ruined the whole thing. As Daniel approached the farm he made his way to the Office and on his way he passed the feed storeroom. The room was packed with sacks of feed reaching past the small windows and making the room dim, the door was ajar and as Daniel approached to close it he heard noises coming from within. He entered and as his eyes adjusted to the dim light he saw Wayne, playing in the middle of the room. The little white boy had one of his toy cars and was totally engrossed in his game, the big burly black man watched the little white boy and suddenly as cock twitched and began to thicken. Daniel looked around the door to make sure the farmyard was deserted and then he closed the door as quietly as he could, but it creeked on its hinges, boy immediately looked up with a surprised look on his angelic face. "Sbona nKosan." Greeted Daniel in his native tongue. "Sbona Daniel, where do you come from?" Greeted the little white boy. "I come from the river and I met Simon and John there." Answered Daniel. "Oh! What are they doing at the river?" Queried the boy. "They were talking to each other about you and what they did with you." Replied Daniel as he squeezed his hardening cock. "Do you want to play with me like they did?" Queried the boy as he dropped his car and stood watching the big burly black man squeezing his crotch. "Do you want to play with me? Asked Daniel as his cock jerked in his khaki shorts. The little white boy nodded vigorously and began undressing, he pulled his little T. shirt over his head, revealing his lily white torso then he shucked his shorts down revealing his little boy cock that was rigid and pointing straight out from 3'' his smooth body. "Hurry up Daniel! You must take all your clothes off." Urged the little boy he moved over to the huge black man and began tugging on his khaki shorts. Daniel lifted his T. shirt uncertainly, he wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing but Wayne was impatient and he reached up the leg of the baggy shorts and grasped the semi erect cock. As Daniel felt the small hand on his cock all caution disappeared and he hastily undid the buttons allowing his shorts to drop to his ankles. Revealing thick muscular thighs and a semi erect 8" cock that was thickening and lengthening. His huge 6 ft. 6" frame was pitch black with hard muscles developed from hard manual labour. His now thick rock hard 11" cock was crowned by a bush of crispy black hair and below his rigid cock hung a pair of balls equivalent in size to extra large chicken eggs. Wayne wasted no time he grasped the huge throbbing cock with both hands and began wanking it slowly, watching the forskin roll back and expose the big purple cock-head. Daniel watched in fascination from above as the little white boy opened his delicate pink lips and drawing the big black cock down he began licking the huge purple cock-head. Concentrating on the thick ridge and working his way underneath to the centre where he licked up and drilled his tongue into the slit causing the big burly black man to gasp out loud at the sensation. The boy then began nibbling the thick ridge and lapping at the precum that was emerging from the puffy slit. Daniel's cock jerked spasmodically at the boy's administrations and Daniel was breathing heavily from the sensations and the mere sight of the black/white and pink contrasts. He'd never dreamed he could be so sexually aroused by a little white boy let alone another male. Wayne was wanking the huge black cock and watching the large balls bouncing and swaying beneath the thick sharft. He released one hand from the shaft and grasped the swinging scrotum and began gently tugging as John had taught him, this brought a deep groan from the huge african man and his thighs snapped together as he thrust his hips forwards. "Sit on the sacks Daniel!" Ordered the little blonde boy," and pick me up so I can sit on your lap." The huge Zulu complied at once Preteen Nn Models and as Wayne was hefted he swung his little legs out and straddled the huge thick black cock, clenching his thighs around the thick base and nesting his tiny butt into the bushy pubic hair. He clasped the throbbing black cock against his abdomen and continued wanking and licking it is he thrust is rigid little cock against the thick base. The big burly Zulu lent back on his elbows and watched in fascination and lust as the little boy wiggled and thrust himself on his pubic bone and looking down he suddenly imagined his big black cock was embedded in the little white bum, it looked so real that he felt his cock jerk and a lust he'd never experienced gripped him as he clenched and unclenched his muscular butt. Imaging he was driving his monstrous cock into the little white boy, he had his legs apart and the boy's legs dangled between them as his cock to thrust upwards, thus heightening his pleasure. "Is it nice? Am I doing it right, Daniel?" Asked the boy between his licking,nibbling and wanking. "Oh yes! You are doing very well my little Preteen Nn Models brother!" Groaned the big burly black Zulu as he felt a tingling sensation building in his groin. Wayne felt the big black cock jerk and thicken man was close and doubled his wanking motion,causing Daniel to groan louder. Daniel felt his balls tighten and his cock throbed with his heart beat and a warmth built in the pit of his stomach. "Oh yes! Oh oh! Oh my seed is coming! Groaned Daniel is the warmth turned to heat and began spreading as his cock thickened and suddenly. "AAAIIEEEE!OH!OOOHH!YYEEESSSS!OH LITTLE BRROTTHHEEEER!!UUNGGH!UNGGHH! AAGH!AGH!OH!Oh!oh!oh,oh,oh! cried the big burly black man as he clutched the little white boy and thick jets of cum exploded from his thick throbbing black cock, the heat and suddenly exploded and flashed through his body sending every nerve into overdrive and as his body jerked spasmodically the little boy hung onto his huge throbbing, jerking cock, wanking hard and heightening his orgasm as he had never experienced. Once Daniel had regained composure he realised he'd cum all over the little boy's face and his own face and chest, he'd never shot so much cum in his life and prying the boy from his throbbing over sensitive cock he turned him and for the first time in his life he licked and tasting his own juices as he licked the boy's face clean. Wayne in turn licked Daniel's face and chest clean and as he reached the big brown nipples he sucked vigorously causing Daniel to groan in pleasure. "You have done well my little brother! I am very happy we could play but it must be our secret, you must promise me you'll tell nobody! " Cautioned the big black Zulu as he tried to pry his shrinking cock from the eager little white boy. "Okay but you must pleasure me now Daniel!" Ordered Wayne as he stood on the feed sacks with his rigid 3" cock pointing straight. Daniel nodded and knelt as he licked his thick brown lips and slowly licked the rigid little white cock, it jerked and Wayne clasped the big black head as Daniel's lips encircled his cock and balls and suctioned onto the boy's crotch. Daniel swirled his tongue, rasping it around the little red cock-head as he sucked, bringing the little white boy to a shuddering dry orgasm, the boy continued thrusting until his little cock was completely deflated and as they dressed he extracted a promise from the big burly Zulu that they would play again tomorrow. Daniel and Wayne left the feed store together as Daniel departed he again thanked the boy. He went about his work and as the sun began to sink he started making his way to his cottage where he knew the two men would be waiting and he quickened his step in anticipation of what was to develop as he had never had sex with a man in all his 35 years not counting the little white boy. Daniel let himself into his small bachelor cottage, because he was manager he had his own cottage. The single men slept in a dormitory and stripping off his sweat stained clothes he stepped into the shower. He was just finishing when a knock brought his attention back and calling from the shower he invited the men inside and telling them to make themselves at home he looked down at his swollen cock and realised he'd been visualising his episode with the little white boy. Simon and John called out again and Daniel stepped from the shower with is cock semi erect and crossed the room to get some clothes when John remarked on the state of his cock and Daniel stopped in mid stride. He was proud of his big cock and many women had complemented him on it, although many had fled at the sight of it. "Wow! That's some meat you have swinging between your legs brother!" Exclaimed John in admiration. Daniel hefted his cock into his fist and brandishing it like a sword hestepped towards John, thinking John would retreat but John stepped closer and reaching out the grasped the thick semi erect cock and while squeezing gently he rolled back the forskin, exposing the thick purple cock-head. "Be careful brother! That's precious meat you're handling." Smiled Daniel as he thrust his hips forwards in an exaggerated thrust. "Don't worry if I hurt it I'll kiss it better!" Preteen Nn Models Laughed John as he continued to fondle the hardening cock. "Like you kissed Simon's at the river today?" Queried Daniel. John nodded his head and dropping to his knees he licked his lips and inserted the swollen purple cock-head into his mouth and began sucking as he slowly wanked the thick black sharft. Daniel moaned softly and opening his legs he stepped forwards looking down as John began swirling his tongue around the cock-head filling his mouth. With his other hand, John hefted Daniel's balls and began massaging and gently tugging them, he worked his tongue around the ridge of the big mushroom shaped cock-head until he reached the slit. Where he lapped the precum and drilled his tongue into it, sucking hard. Daniel had never felt this warm suction and smooth/rough texture combination of an experienced tongue and mouth before and he groaned as he felt the blood pump faster and his cock thicken more than he ever remembered and as his cock entered John's throat he groaned as the velvety muscles enveloped his throbbing cock and he began thrusting as he face fucked his colleague kneeling before him. Meanwhile Simon sat rubbing his crotch as he watched John who was beginning to swallow Daniel's cock inch by inch, eventually he stood and with his eyes riverted to the two men he unbuttoned his shorts and allowing them to drop to his ankles he grasped his rock hard thick 9" cock and began wanking himself. Out the corner of his eye John noticed and motioned Simon over and positioned him next to Daniel as he grasped Simon's throbbing cock he turned and began sucking as he wanked Daniel. Soon he was alternating between the two big black cocks, both men were groaning and Simon reached over and taking Daniel's big black nipple between his fingers he squeezed as he rolled and pulled. Daniel cried out as this new sensation streaked from his nipple straight to his cock. He instinctively thrust his hips and John swallowed but the suddenness caused him to gag and he quickly withdrew Daniel's huge cock. He pulled the two cocks until they were together and the two big black men were facing each other then he grasped both cocks with Simon's cock lying on Daniel's and he began wanking the two together with both hands. Both big men stared into each others eyes as sensations flooded them and without any instructions they leaned into each other and began kissing. Daniel opened his mouth and forced his thick tongue into Simon's mouth where he explored and challenged Simon's tongue, soon both tongues were fencing for seniority. John crouched between the two men and while wanking their cocks together he alternated in sucking cock their balls, driving their lust higher and higher. Simon pulled away from the kiss to catch his breath and Daniel quickly clamped his mouth over Simon's big protruding nipple and he sucked as he chewed, soon Preteen Nn Models both men were breathing very heavily as they climaxes began to peak. Simon had one hand on Daniel's head pressing him against his chest and his other hand on John's head as he licked and sucked on his balls. His body was alive with sensations and as he succumbed to them his orgasm exploded sending thick white jets of cum from his boiling balls up through his throbbing sharft and out of his pulsating black cock-head in hot streaks and he felt the journey from beginning to end. "AAAHHH!!BROTHERS I'M COMING! MY SEED IS HERE!AAAIIEEEE!AAHHH!AAH! UUUNNGGHHH!UUNGHH!UNGHH!UNG!OHH!OOHH!OH!Oh!oh!oh yyessss! Screamed the huge burly Zulu man with his neck extended and his face contaunted in a garish mask of pure ecstasy. Simon staggered backwards and landed on a chair where he lay gasping for breath, John turned is full attention to Daniel's thick throbbing monstrous cock. He swallowed it to the hilt and with his nose buried in Daniel's thick pubic hair he began humming and working is finger from under Daniel's balls up the ridge between his big muscular butt cheeks until his finger touched the puckered rossette of his virgin butt-hole. As he sucked and hummed he rubbed and pressed until Daniel relaxed and his finger penetrated to the first notch. Daniel groaned deeply, he'd never have believed his cock could fit down a throat not to mention a man's, his balls boiled as his cock throbed and a red mist of animal lust gripped his very soul a hot spark ignited in his groin and slowly spread until it began a raging white hot fire and flooded every single nerve throughout his huge muscular black body. "YYYYEEEIIIII!!OOOHHHHH!OH MY BROTHER!OH MMYYYY!UUUNNG!UNGHH!AAAH!AHHH! AYEE!OHH!OH!Ohh!Ooh!oh! yes! Yes! Cried the big black man as his body jerked an almost ritual dance. John quickly extracted the huge black cock as the first jet of cum exploded down his throat and leaving just the huge mushroom cock-head in his mouth he clamped his thick lips around the ridge and swallowed the hot african man seed as it flooded into him with hot jets and as quickly as he swallowed the cum was so abundant that his cheeks ballooned and cum oozed from the corners of his mouth. He hung onto the huge muscular thighs as the big Zulu's body spasmed and jerked in its climatic dance. He'd sucked many cocks before but never had he come across one that spewed as much cum as this one. As he swallowed the last dregs and the monstrous cock began to deflate he stopped sucking and released the big black man who staggered and flopped into a chair. John rose from his knees and unbuttoning his shorts he let them drop to his ankles revealing his throbbing 10" cock jerked in time to his heart beat and turned to his two Zulu brothers. He approached slowly and as his reached Simon, Simon grasped his throbbing 10" cock and without any hesitation he guided the throbbing brown cock-head to his lips and into his mouth and again sucking. Daniel watched and John motioned him forwards to which he complied and soon he was licking the length of throbbing sharft as John held behind each man's head and groaned in pleasure. John guided Daniel to his balls and soon Daniel was licking and sucking them as though he had been doing it all his life. Simon was attempting to swallow John's cock but wasn't being very successful, although he had 6 '' embedded in his mouth and was swirling his tongue he was doing a pretty good job for his first attempt. Daniel reached behind John and found his butt-hole where he inserted a thick finger. John groaned and pushed backwards, encouraging Daniel to insert another, which he did while he sucked both John's balls at once. John then ordered Daniel to fetch some cooking oil which he did and after he had liberally coated his throbbing 11" cock he oiled John's butt-hole with instructions from John then he positioned his throbbing cock at the puckered rossette and pushed. The muscle gave way and his cock-head entered then he pushed 6 '' into the tight hot canal and John's butt muscles gripped his cock like no woman's vigiana had ever gripped him. His cock was wrapped in velvety massaging muscles and he almost climaxed, but managed to control himself and once he had regained control he pushed the last 5 '' to the hilt and rested while the tight butt-hole gripped the thick base of his Preteen Nn Models cock and spasmed, sending sensations in floods through his groin. His cock leapt and jerked and he Preteen Nn Models began to long dick John's butt-hole, pulling out until just the head was gripped by the ring muscle then plunging in until his balls slapped against the firm muscular butt. John worked his butt-hole muscles and soon Daniel was breathing heavily, he fucked for another 5 minutes before he climaxed, emptying his balls into the bowels of his Zulu brother, he'd never fucked such a tight tunnel with his whole cock and now with it sunk to the hilt he was in Paradise. As soon as Daniel extracted his deflated cock, Simon took his place and bending John over the chair he fucked his friend ruthlessly for the next 15 minutes until he'd emptied his balls and withdrawn his cock. The men drank beer and recouped their strength before they again and again drove each other over the edge into complete bliss and eventually collapsed and slept.
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